May. 4th, 2009

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Wow, man, I'm exhausted. I had, as I said, one of my best weekends ever, and although I didn't sleep specially well last night, I'm ultra happy.

I didn't mention in my last entry that [ profile] clairekun and her bf (we finally met him! and he's a megacool man), along with [ profile] blondie_peque and Juan (her bf, too) also came over for the party. I've never laughed so hard, really.

Also, I had a bog bunch of wonderful presents. First I got a new pencil for my tablet, courtesy of [ profile] studiokawaii, then I got my new Olympus E-420 from [ profile] panda_enorme (I'm in love with my new reflex). [ profile] straysayu appeared with perrunilas a typical cookie-like thing from Plasencia, her hometown (yum!). [ profile] blondie_peque and Juan got me a smoothie and milkshake recipe book and Eldest, Eragon's saga second book (but I already have it so we're going to get Brisingr instead). Also, The Tales of Beedle the Bard and a pair of cookbooks (wok and italian), thanks to [ profile] clairekun. I squeed when I ripped off the wrap of a phonestrap and a neck pendant with the shape of Grell's scythe and a pair of punkish-gothic mittens in red and black straps that [ profile] aviss bought for me. My bro got me a pack of moisturizer and cologne (orange blossom essence)and my poor mum gave me a bit of money (althoug I almost cry when she apologised because she couldn't give me more....she's so cute sometimes).

And that's it. I've got the best friends, don't you think??? =D

Oh and I've got three WTF photos for you to laugh:



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