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Well, [livejournal.com profile] panda_enorme did his own review of this and I had to do it too, as I've finally found some videos on youtube, that prove its geniousnes.

Last Wednesday we finally went to see this amazing play called Sweeney Todd. First of all, do not think in Tim Burton's film, as this got little to do with it. This one's played with the original script for Broadway (translated, of course, who would go to see this in English but for a few people( like me..XD)?) and with the original Spanish cast from 11 years ago. Same director, same cast and little difference from then, or so it's said, as I've got no idea of how it was then...

Initially, some of the shows had Costantino Romero playing Sweeney as far as I know, but the soon change him for another actor, who's the one repeating character this time.

I promise I had high expectations but litle faith in the adaptatation and translation, and really, sometimes the rhymes in Spanish sounded odd compared to the English original line. (Of course, when something's translated, some of the meaning is lost in the proccess, if you add the need to make it rhyme and plus, it's got to be sung fitting a melody, so I winced in some verses). But generally it's very well done, and the cast performed this neatly and professionally.

Sweeney was....he's got a great voice. I could copypaste the name of the actor guy, but I'm not a Theatre expert, and I've not seen him before, so what's the point?. I can only compare thiswith Burton's film, (although I've watched some videos of the broadway musical on youtube), and he's completely different fro Johnny Depp. Older, more tired, not as hieratic but filled with hartred. If you thought Depp's Sweeney was odd, with barely any facial expression and utterly obssesed with his revenge, this one's got more hartred inside, although I found him jollier someone, because his face did not look the same all the time, surely.

Lovett. Lovely, period. She's mad as hell, Nuts and yet lovely and really really cute. Helena Bonham Carter had her nicely characterised and Angela Fletcher Lansbury, not being the best singer ever, managed to make an extra crazy Mrs. Lovett. But oh man... I loved our Mrs. Lovett. I dunno how to explain it, but she was cutely mad, and sang really allright.

Pirelli, on the other hand was, by far, the worst character in the play. I expected something similar to Sacha Baron Cohen, but found a fatty bald extravagant man instead. I disliked the characterisation, only because I liked Burton's better, to be fair. Also, his voice was shrilly and screwed it badly whenever he tried to make a falsetto.

I really enjoyed Toby's songs and the ones sung by Johanna, both girls had espectacular voices. Beadle was superb too. Judge Turpin was impressive and definitely had a better voice for singing than Alan Rickman XD

And well, so you can see it for yourselves...(more videos added) )
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Sorry, [livejournal.com profile] oconel...I'm late for your birthday, hon!!!! HAPPY -belated- BIRTHDAY!!! (I expected to find you on the onternet and I didn't....^^u)

And of course, Happy birthday to you too, [livejournal.com profile] aviss ^0^
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[livejournal.com profile] nayara_mafoy, [livejournal.com profile] panda_enorme and me went today to La quinta de los Molinos park to get some nice photos of our dolls. Previously, this morning, I decided to try my new two lamps (I bought them yesterday evening at Ikea) to make a little photoshoot with a background and stuuf (yay! it looks pro!)

I hope you enjoy them^^

Dollies )

And now, Cordelia and Vicky! )

And that's all folks!!^^ Comment if you liked them!!


Nov. 19th, 2008 09:58 am
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I bring art!^^ Two pictures are commissions, for Toon girl and Ichigo sakura, from Deviantart. Epsilon and Nanashi.

Pictures 3 and 4 are Ouendans ;3 Chibinekomimi versionXDD

enjoy! )
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Querida Clairekun:

No sé cómo decirte esto, nuestro lío ha terminado, voy a hacerme monja. Creo haberme dado cuenta de esto cuando viajé con semillas de sésamo en tu caravana y te vi sentándote en el portero del Manchester United. Estoy segura de que eres lo suficientemente cobarde como para entender que tu Honda es una mierda. Voy a devolverte la cadena de música rota, pero seguiré guardando mi virginidad como recuerdo. También deberías saber que seré entrevistada por el Times sobre tu apasionado interés por los ratones



¿y como se hace? )
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Allright, I sewed a cape for Valgard, and I felt like showing it. Also, I added some piercings to its ears and well, I had too much fur fabric and...what the hell, it's made for (gay) posing! Sooo, here you are, my first creation:

Posing, cape and piercings for Valgard )
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...art thieving... that is a concept that means someone finds your art (somewhere, it can either be your gallery, of a fansite or the fucking 4chan...) and decides it's a good idea to use it anywhere else without proper credit... providing no link or author, and using it for....whatever, even using it as if it was theirs.

[livejournal.com profile] studiokawaii[profile] studiokawaii warned me by mail this very morning about THIS ... not slightly amused, I am. As you guess, it's number 11, where two of my fanarts are being used without permission.

I'm not amused ¬¬

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For [livejournal.com profile] studiokawaii who helped me decide who should I draw sleeping here... :P I always liked the "Family" concept with Reiji and Ryuichi...as they've got little girls to take care of...this time I added Minuki and Pesu. And yes, Pesu's a Collie, because they've got natural cravat and it's probably one of the gayest breed ever...I always imagined Pesu as a lovely and well educated Collie. :)

Oh and, also, [livejournal.com profile] studiokawaii are the rightful owners of these two characters, YAAAR. They're from Treasure, their graphic novel (If you did not get it yet, you suck!), available in English and German.
Well, I wondered, rereading it the other day...how would the lovely lovely cabin boys look if they were older... and here's the result.

It's only a sketch, but I plan on finishing it, full coloured and stuff.

Mateys! )
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Este año, en el salón de Barcelona, podéis encontrar la revista

Tras dos añazos de espera, vuelve ITAII ITAII, el fanzine Yaoi más majo que hay, gente, en serio, tiene un nivelazo, y una encuadernación totalmente profesional.  Con artistazos como  Studio Kawaii, Hokane,  Van Durán, Laura Palmer.... os quiero ver a todos con un ejemplar, que hay que promocionar el cómic español, hop hop!! :P

Más info aquí:

Más información aquí:


Oct. 13th, 2008 11:47 am
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Allright, boy and girls. I finally bought (some) tattoos for the dollie, and yeah I know I'm posting a photoshoot per day, but I've got to recoup the cost of it with shootingsXD... and plus, Luzbel, [livejournal.com profile] studiokawaii's doll wanted to see him posing like a hottie...you get prepared. :PPPP

Kind of gay posing...beware XD )
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I found some blades for the doll, from the 1 euro shop and from El corte inglés, for less than 10 euros, both.

And you'll say..." geez, she's getting so many pics..." but well, yeah, it was freakin' expensive...I've got to "play" with it now, right?XDD

Oh, and dedicated to [livejournal.com profile] studiokawaii's doll, Luzbel :P

Armed Danger )
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Here it is, at last..... after two months and a half waiting and many moments of total hysteria conerning the parcel's pick-up and stuff.....Valgran Gehlord, my first BJD (Ball Jointed Doll) is at home. My story with BJD is kind of funny, because I UTTERLY HATED them.....^^u it's a long story

Of course, I kind of made up a character for the doll. It's name is Valgard Gehlord. He's a Barbarian. a Viking Warrior that loves mundane things such as....a white snowed morning or...slaughter orcs...all the same. He's descendent of some god, but a hero anyway, protected by Loki. He's serious about war (and will have many blades and axes as soon as I work out how to make miniature weaponsXDD) but also has some odd sense of humor, sarcastic mostly.

and well, it's better if you judge it yourself!!

Valgard )


Oct. 6th, 2008 07:54 pm
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Here she is!! Her wig at least, I just bought it this very morning!!!

Now she's vicky!!
HEhe specially dedicated to [livejournal.com profile] mint_green, her biggest fan!

I didn't even had to styler her wig....it was just....simply pretty and....YAY! I'm excitedXDD

Hey hey vicky, hey vicky hey XD )

[livejournal.com profile] nuriwan, cariño, he conseguido sacarle la peluca anterior sin un solo arañazo y está entera y perfecta ;) Mandame un mailito y ya hablamos :PP
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And of course, Amasugi. I kind of love this chara, he's sweet, althought I first I couldn't believe he's a guy...(and that he's married. mind you).

When I played the game, I first thought he was a very annoying chara, but actually, I ended up liking him.

So here you are... Yuusaku Amasugi handing out a business card :P

new fanart!

Oct. 4th, 2008 11:30 am
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I used a new style of colouring here, and it resulted to be much more easy that I first thought! It's much more about painting freehandlike and much less following the lines...and sincerely, I like it, so I guess from now on I'll be using this technique...

Somehow, it seems I like drawing sex scenes in these two hot young men offices...so this is the third one of a series of two...(I didn't expect this to turn into a series of "Office hours sex" pictures, but ...muses are unstoppable, you see!)

The other two can be found here and here And BTW comments are LOVE!

PSsst and in case you were interested in a commission...contact me!


Sep. 28th, 2008 02:02 pm
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Klauss likes pool, and sometimes, when he wants to relax, he goes and hit some balls...

Klauss&Cordelia photoshoot! )
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....and although I'm a bit too much concerned with weight...


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