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It’s been a long time since I don’t write. Well there’s a lot to be said but I don’t have the words nor the time to tell it here^_^ so I’ll tell about my weekend ( apart from the fact that I hate this more and more everyday!). We’ve been looking for flats to live, yes, to buy, but here in Spain prices are so high you’ve got to play with the numbers if you want something decent. And well, we visited one, and it was a perfect reason to cry! A 4th with no lift and very small, no heat and very bad distributed. And the agency gave us a small credit.
But we’ve just started looking!

And I found Yellow, #3# finally and it was incredible!!! I have read Tarot Café too, and it’s amazing too, I’m hungry for more!

And I had enough time (at least!) for drawing a bit, and I’m preparing the Halloween pictures too! And I still have to scan a ton of drawings but...I have no time! Eventually I’ll post^_^

The first one is actually a drawing but not the rest. The pic is specially drawn for [livejournal.com profile] studiokawaii

Picture )

I’m proud of presenting…… my costume!

I had barely anything of it two weeks ago but there’s only one thing left now and I’m very happy with the results. Some of you, who are going to the Barcelona’s Manga Con may recognise me as you can see part of my costume here!^^

Costume )

And, two weekends ago, we went out to a gothic bar and I was so excited that I could wear this! I include pictures of my boyfriend too!

Gothic^^  )

and that’s all! I’ve been busy here so I suspect that I’ll be busy today too. Anyway, have a good week!


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