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Yesteday I bought my new military cap! I've been looking for one such a long time, that, yesterday, when I saw mine in a military shop and costed only 30 euros I though.....GOTCHA!. I was dressed in Punk yesterday (as I usually do when we go hanging out) and feeling grear.:3
I had a short time of embarrassement when I had to put my make up on and stuff(I can wear almost anything at work, but not THAT punk) without to be seen.....and a pair of workmates were right at the door smoking....I said "byeee" the quickiest I could and ranXD

But the funny (and freakish) moment came when we were walking down Gran Via (downtown) and suddenly someone shouts from somewhere "NANA! NANA!". I stop and look around and there's a girl with two of her friends, telling me to go. I get close and the conversation was kind of this:

Freak girl (FG from now on): WOW, your look's stunning!
me: oh, thanks....*smiles*
FG: You SO look like her!! I LOVE the series, I've got EVERYTHING! *out of the blue she takes out her mobile, FULL of straps, Pericura, stickers and so on....and in between the mess I glipse a nana keychain).
me: fine, he, lucky you *smiles again, feeling a bit awkward*
FG: GEEZ, if you go tomorrow dressed like this you'd WIN the cosplay!
me: ...*looks at the girl*....this is not a costume, these are my normal clothes.
FG: REALLY?? I can't believe it!! You're like her real self!!! you MUST go!! Tomorrow's the...
me: well, yes, the International Nana Day, but I'm not coming
FG: why??* she can't believes it*
me: Because it's my boyfriend's birthday, that's it (I was tempted to say "Ren's Birthday"honestly)
FG: oh....*decieved* I see...
me: well, it's been nice, see you!

and, to be honest, I was making SQUEE inside, because someone thought I DO look like Nana (a character I really admire), and I love her Style. And sure I feel great when people looks at me when I go out dressed like that, some amazed, some think I look weird, others stunned, but never indifferent....and that's great. (I specially enjoy it when some groups of pseudo gothic girls walk my way and stare at me like "OMG" and I mentally say "HA, you rookies!")

And well, here are a pair of photos [livejournal.com profile] mint_green took for me....and below them, for those who doesn't know who nana is, just a sample. OH, and BTW, don't think I go dressed like that because I cosplay her, I just like her style and I started to wear punk a little before a I begun to read Nana, so, it's not really like I said "Oh, I'll dress up like Nana"....just like I said, these are my normal clothes!

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Feb. 15th, 2007 10:17 am
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Some random facts about RL, it’s about time, already. )


Oct. 6th, 2006 07:17 am
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Jeez, from 8pm to 10 pm, my classes, and Monday and Wednesday ( and one Friday per month)
What means that I'll arrive home at 23, or so, ready to get home and go to bed... I just hope [livejournal.com profile] tenten_samurai can change his kendo timetable so we can see each other.

My eacher will be Paloma Aka "tatoeba" as she's always saying that (it means "for example"), she's posh and stupid, but at least she explains... I left a note for her explaining about Tuesday and me not being able to go to class in a month (what I really regret as it's the first month)....

It's cool to be back.XD

The Head of the Japanese Departement wished me luck yesterday, and I answered Doumo Arigatou Gozaimasu really meaning it^^.

Oh and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] mint_green and our brainstorms, Ive been plotting for an Ouran Doujinshi.,


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